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Borderland Talk Podcast

My podcast is a great resource for immigration enforcement information. Whether we are talking about Border Patrol, ICE or CBP, I will bring you information and voices rarely heard on mainstream media. Available on Podbean, YouTube or Apple Podcasts. 

Published Articles


"The weight of the badge: Customs and Border Protection responds to rash of agent suicides." - Big Bend Sentinel

"Reports Find US Border Patrol's Alleged Rampant Use of Migrant Slur" - Mitu

"Former Border Patrol agent describes her journey to activist" - AZ Central

"Can wall, more green cards solve border immigration crisis? - News Nation Now

"Did Trump's Border Patrol Chief Make a Rape Threat? A Judge Says Yes." - Vice News

"Me cansé de arrestar familias que no eran criminales": ex agente de patrulla fronteriza - Milenio

"Former Border Patrol senior agent visits El Paso to dispel immigration myths." - KTSM

"She used to be an agent. Now she is one of Border Patrol's loudest critics." - San Diego Union Tribune

"Ex-Border Patrol agents says she doesn't trust agency" - CBS News

"Former Border Patrol agent says she was raped at the academy" - Newsweek

"Ex-Border Patrol agent describes unit in Portland as violent" - Business Insider

"Trump's Border Crackdown Drives Corruption Among US Agents, Experts Say" - Business Insider

"These are his people: Inside the elite Border Patrol unit" - The Guardian

"Inside the Border Patrol's morale crisis" - The New York Times

"The Border Patrol was responsible for an arrest in Portland" - The Nation

"Border Patrol agents are working to sabotage Biden Administration" - The Independent

"Senior Border Patrol agent faces charges of sexually assaulting colleague" - New York Times

"Investigation fo secret Border Patrol group launched" - ProPublica

"Did CNN air a staged migrant crossing of the Rio Grande?" - The American Prospect

"Former Border Patrol Agent to Current Agents: Refuse to Separate Children" - Huff Post

Videos & Podcasts

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