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Borderland Talk Podcast

My podcast is a great resource for immigration enforcement information. Whether we are talking about Border Patrol, ICE or CBP, I will bring you information and voices rarely heard on mainstream media. Available on Podbean, YouTube or Apple Podcasts. 

Published Articles


"Border Patrol agent allegedly shared photos of his genitals to citizens twice while in uniform." - Inewsource

"The weight of the badge: Customs and Border Protection responds to rash of agent suicides." - Big Bend Sentinel

"Reports Find US Border Patrol's Alleged Rampant Use of Migrant Slur" - Mitu

"Former Border Patrol agent describes her journey to activist" - AZ Central

"Can wall, more green cards solve border immigration crisis? - News Nation Now

"Did Trump's Border Patrol Chief Make a Rape Threat? A Judge Says Yes." - Vice News

"Me cansé de arrestar familias que no eran criminales": ex agente de patrulla fronteriza - Milenio

"Former Border Patrol senior agent visits El Paso to dispel immigration myths." - KTSM

"She used to be an agent. Now she is one of Border Patrol's loudest critics." - San Diego Union Tribune

"Ex-Border Patrol agents says she doesn't trust agency" - CBS News

"Former Border Patrol agent says she was raped at the academy" - Newsweek

"Ex-Border Patrol agent describes unit in Portland as violent" - Business Insider

"Trump's Border Crackdown Drives Corruption Among US Agents, Experts Say" - Business Insider

"These are his people: Inside the elite Border Patrol unit" - The Guardian

"Inside the Border Patrol's morale crisis" - The New York Times

"The Border Patrol was responsible for an arrest in Portland" - The Nation

"Border Patrol agents are working to sabotage Biden Administration" - The Independent

"Senior Border Patrol agent faces charges of sexually assaulting colleague" - New York Times

"Investigation fo secret Border Patrol group launched" - ProPublica

"Did CNN air a staged migrant crossing of the Rio Grande?" - The American Prospect

"Former Border Patrol Agent to Current Agents: Refuse to Separate Children" - Huff Post

Videos & Podcasts

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