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Border Patrol Agent Sex Crimes Spreadsheet

Updated: Jun 9

Even the Border Patrol Union knows how bad their rape culture is. Source: Facebook.

The following is a spreadsheet created from years of my research. Only two victims have come forward to tell their stories as victims of Border Patrol agent sexual violence: myself and former Border Patrol agent trainee Ernestina Lopez. All other victims' names have been removed from this public document. All court cases known are listed, but most crimes are still unknown as the agency hides most sexual assaults through a variety of ways. Any incident without court case numbers has been verified with extensive documentation and collection of news articles, court documents and even DHS and CBP data. If you are in need of any of these documents, just ask. Please see my former posts under USBP Rape Culture on this blog. Be sure to recheck this link as I update the data, and the link may change with updates.

It is also difficult if not impossible to search many local, county and state court documents without any funds and resources. I am putting the usual monetary link as in other posts. There is and has always been a free subscription and of course you may view it without a subscription as I believe this is the people's data, but please consider one of the other paid subscriptions if you are able.

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