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My Involvement with Exposing the Border Patrol Critical Incident Teams

Updated: May 19

In order to document my work on exposing the Border Patrol Critical Incident Teams and to push back on the recent joke of a report by the Government Accountability Office about what these illegal coverup teams did and still do today under Customs and Border Protection Office of Professional Responsibility, I am publishing a chapter from by book "Against the Wall."

This book was published in the summer of 2022 at the request to hold off publishing for the case's concern. When finally given the green light to go ahead and the promises to support my work which is the only way I can fund it, the non-governmental agencies I was working with then took all my research and testimony into the Critical Incident Teams, removed my name from all work. They then erased all my previous work from their sites and took full credit for this. They continue to erase my work with every release of new articles and reports.

This has damaged me financially because there was no support as promised and Alliance San Diego refused to honor our contract and pay for all the court documents I retrieved. This means I paid thousands for this research, and I own it. This has damaged my reputation as an activist and in demanding accountability. It also led to a serious mental health breakdown, and serious emotional damage as the Executive Director has sent me a letter threatening legal action if I discuss any of my involvement in the case. I have had enough of the threats and bullying. I make little if any money doing this and have in fact lost money. She can sue me if she wants, but I will speak the truth.

This is the truth of how Alliance San Diego and Southern Border Community Coalition discovered the Border Patrol Critical Incident Teams. Executive Director Andrea Guerrero reviewed the book for over 6 months and approved this version.

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