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Photo Essay of Texas Murder Buoys

The following is a photo essay of the July 7, 2023 installment of buoys with saw blades attached to intentionally injure and kill asylum seekers who cannot enter at the ports of entry because of metering. Originally, the No Border Wall Coalition came to protest the militarization of Shelby Park by Governor Greg Abbott. Then they notice the buoys arriving. All photos were taken by Jesse G. Herrera and use of photos requires his authorization.

No Border Wall Coalition protesting the turn over of Shelby Park to militarization of the border.

No Border Wall Coalition shows up at Eagle Pass city hall to protest the militarization of Shelby Park.

Texas law enforcement is there to protect the will of the governor and the private companies making money off of border militarization and the deaths and injuries of migrants.

Governor Abbott and his enforcers will not be deterred even when protesters move to the river where the dangerous buoys are being deployed.

Texas DPS and National Guard laying down razor wire that they know will injure men, woman and children.

Lots to talk about when you are trying to create obstacles of death.

When they tell you the dangerous obstacles are to prevent migrants from crossing, they are lying. They are meant to injure and even kill migrants as all deterrence policies are.

America the ugly.

Woman on crutches seeking safety as the "heroes" watch from behind their razor wire.

May we be forgiven.

Some call me a poet,

Some call me the Dude, but

I've always been Jesse

G. Herrera...

Anything you might have

heard about me is true...only

the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Jesse G. Herrera is retired after working in the United Postal Service for over 42 years. His main job was pulling a set of doubles between Laredo and San Antonio, Texas as an 18 wheeler driver, even though he started his first 15 years as a package driver. He has earned an associates degree, and whenever he gets back to the university, he will be a senior. Jesse's interests are photography and poetry. His fiancé, Elsa and he live out in the boondocks of San Ygnacio, Texas.


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