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I was a Senior Patrol Agent with the U.S. Border Patrol in San Diego, a Senior Intelligence Agent at San Diego Sector Headquarters and an Acting Supervisory Border Patrol Agent from 1995 to 2001 when I resigned in protest due to the rampant corruption and brutality I witnessed on a daily basis.  Since 2015, I speak out on national and local news, community panels, podcasts and radio. I am regularly consulted by academics, journalists, humanitarians, and lawmakers. I am often interviewed for outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian, Washington Post, NPR, Telemundo, CNN, and many more. In April 2022, my constant advocacy for Border Patrol accountability, whistleblowing and knowledge led to the POGO report “Protecting the Predators at DHS”, and in May 2022, my work pressured CBP to announce the shutdown of Border Patrol’s CIT units, the largest shadow-police cover-up group in the USA.  I am the author of the acclaimed memoir "Against the Wall: My Journey From Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist" (Heliotrope Books, 2022).

"Against the Wall" has been chosen as a finalist for the Publishing Triangle's prestigious Randy Shilts Award that honors Randy's work in the LGBTQ Community during the AIDS epidemic. This award recognizes "best non-fiction book of the year by or about gay men, bisexual men, and/or trans men, or that has a significant influence on the lives of queer men." 

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