I am a former Senior Patrol agent and Intelligence agent with the U.S. Border Patrol and a whistleblower. As an agent, I witnessed and participated in the cruelty, racism and violence that is the culture of the most corrupt and unaccountable agency in the federal government. After many years of soul searching and listening to those harmed by me and my agency, I chose to confront my own racism and prejudice and tell the truths about the Border Patrol. 

I wrote my memoir, "Against the Wall," in hopes it would help change our brutal and inhumane immigration system. My journey is not just a look at the inside of the US Border Patrol, but a look into what enforcing such inhumane policies does to both agents and migrants, and deals with issues like mental health, LGBTQ, being an ally, racism, anti-racism, rape culture and how to survive.

Read a portion of "Against the Wall" as seen in The Guardian. 

Interview with Border Chronicle on "Against the Wall." 

A minimum of 10% of profits will go to immigrations rights groups. Release date is June 21, 2022 through Heliotrope Books. My literary agent is Jessica Craig of Craig Literary